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Our Vision

It will be our constant endeavour to remain true to the ideal of sweetness and light, which sums up the aim of education. We may commit error but we belive that the error is not always the opposite of truth but may be a partial realisation of truth.

At this juncture in the history of our Mother country, it will be our aim to produce not merely a servile, bookish, poor type of humanity but a band of selfreliant and disciplined citizens, to whom will be entrusted the holy mission of acting as the standard-bearers of tommorrow.

"Live and happy in thyself and serve
this mortal race, the king, so well that man may bless thee"

Our Mission

To a world haunted by the lowering shadows of fear, wild with the delirium of hartred, and heading, as it seems, towards a disaster, we will carry the message of Peace and Ahinsa for which Mother India has stood for centuries and for which she still stands today.

And finally, true to the spirit of great soul, whose memory this institution enshrines, we shall constantly endeavour to reach that height of noble philanthrophy which is rooted in the love of humanity.

No better expression could be given to this spirit of philanthrophy than when the poet says.

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